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I am a Pakistani, born and raised as a Muslim in Kuwait. I came to the United States after the Gulf War in 1992. That same year I had a supernatural experience with Christ that changed the course of my life. After graduating from the College of Charleston in 1998, I joined the pastoral staff of Seacoast Church. In 2006, with the help of Seacoast Church, ARC, my amazing wife Ashley, and several passionate people, we planted Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC. I am the author of Ex-Muslim and speak often at conferences, churches and cooperate events. I am also a speaker coach for TEDx. I have two wonderful kids, Asher and Nurah, and unfortunately two cats.

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I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak to diverse people in different spaces. You can find those talks on Google if you search my name but here are some of my current talks from Mosaic, the church I lead.

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Ex-Muslim, my first book, is my story.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't an Ex-Muslim. I love Muslims. I love their hospitality, their culture, and their authenticity. It saddens me that following Jesus sometimes creates distance between me and the people I feel closest to. I wish I could tell them that being Ex-Muslim in no way makes me Anti-Muslim. I simply met Jesus, and now I cannot deny Him. Read more here.

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The Becoming Church podcast is deeper conversations with fascinating guests about what it means to not only be Christians but become the Church.

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